Have you ever had an inspired idea for something to do or create, and after a few days (or minutes) of reveling in the excitement… doubts close in. Fears start whispering in your ear. You freeze.

We have all been there.

A sacred expression arrives and lands in our core being, calling us to create it and send it into the world. Yet, we feel blocked, or overwhelmed, and not sure where to start.

I recently found myself in that place, and I went into meditation to seek a way through. What arrived to me was the greatest gift I could have ever been given. I received a 7-step process that transports us from fear and delivers us to masterful creation and divine triumph.

Here is a sacred pathway through.


In life, we either run towards or run away. When we are running away from something, maybe an experience, a memory, or even a fear, our mind is focusing on the thing we do not want. We are desperate to leave what is behind us, our past.

The more we focus on the part we are running away from, the more we manifest our past into our present and our future. We keep replaying our old cycles.

As we step into alignment within the present moment and speak clearly about our vision, we are flowing towards what we deeply choose to create. Our vibration raises, our mood lightens, and we will feel an inevitable surge of energy course through our body because we are becoming more of our truth, our authenticity. You will be amazed what you can accomplish in this inspired frequency realm of creative thought and vision.

How do you know if you are running away or running toward? It reveals itself in our language.

  • What stories do we repeat when we talk about our goals, dreams, and desires?
  • Do we rehash the stories of our past? Or…
  • Do we speak only of our vision?


Listen as you speak. The more you speak only of your vision and allow the past to lie unspoken, you then gently move into an energetic realm of willingness and readiness for your destined future.


As you work toward the creation of your sacred project, invoking distinct values will boost your chances for success. One of the greatest assets to have by your side is Courageousness.

Courageousness allows you to step into your authentic self and valiant power.

Courage is not just about powering through the challenges. It’s about knowing when to let go and have faith. Letting go of fear. Letting go of comfort. Letting go of overwhelm or procrastination. Letting go of past results or clinging to past ideals.

Courage means to embrace the present moment, the present energy and propel yourself into actively designing your future. Believing not only that you can but you will.


Thought Experiment: What can you divinely create right now to bring forward what you truly desire to share with the world?

In this exercise, I want you to call upon The Courage Archetype and ask for its presence to be with you, within you and surround you.

  1. Take a moment to define The Courage Archetype for you, personally. Write that down.
    • What does courage look like in your life?
    • How does it feel?
    • What does it mean?
    • What doesn’t it mean?
  2. Create a back story for The Courage Archetype.
    • Many may call upon their favorite fearless warrior goddess to represent courage while creating their sacred product. (Hello, Xena!)
    • If that doesn’t fit your personality, give courage a name and personality that suits you. Make sure it stretches out of your comfort zone. Expansion is the great goal of personal and spiritual evolution.
  3. Create a relationship contract with it.
    • How will it show? 
    • When will it show?
    • When you don’t feel courage, what do you need to feel it again?
    • How will you call it in? Maybe, it is working with an affirmation during meditation, seeking encouragement from a friend, embodying qualities that represent it in everyday activity, etc.
    • When will you meditate with the value of courage as a focus?
    • How often will you call it to attention?

Take time to get to know this archetype of Courage, this core value and the place it holds for you as you create your sacred project.



  1. Imagine that your warrior goddess or the courage personality you created in exercise 1 has come to your defense and is slaying the stealers of your courage.
  2. Close your eyes and…
  3. Envision yourself receiving divine golden light and being surrounded by your warrior goddesses.
  4. As you receive this Divine Golden Light of Courage, your warrior goddesses, who are shining bright with this golden light, is conquering all the…
    • Thoughts,
    • Emotions,
    • Feelings,
    • Limiting beliefs,
    • Gremlins that want to zap your energy.
  5. Watch as they break your connection to these energy zappers, so that they cannot reach you. 
  6. See yourself charging like a cell phone battery from 3% to 110%.
  7. Feel this Divine Golden Light of Courage drop into every pore, every cell in your body, both physically and energetically running through your meridians, chakras, and biofield.
  8. Sense the energy pulsating through you. 
  9. When you feel overflowing, smile BIG!!!!
  10. Take a deep breath, and open your eyes!

Know that you ARE courage and courage IS you!



You are developing your sacred project because you know that you are here on earth to make a difference. That difference is seen and felt throughout and within your community.

It is vital that while you are in the creation process, you continue to embrace the community that seeks what you have to offer. Someone once said to me that to make your dreams come true, help others make their dreams come true.

That is what this step entails. Remember, to be of full service to others, you must have an overflowing cup. What you are creating should be something that you are excited about, and just the act of its creation overflows your cup with passion, motivation, and inspiration. From Step 2, Stepping into Greatness, we already have courage. Now we connect additional high-vibrational ingredients that continue to support and lift you as you divinely create. 

By keeping the idea that what you are creating is your dream, and your dream is helping others accomplish their dream (either directly or indirectly), then you are creating a service filled with intention. This intentness calls upon an initiation process that your tribe will propel from into their destiny. 

With the right core ingredients and the divine message, with your heart in it and your soul embracing it, you will know, intuitively, what messages, methods, and actions need to bring your sacred project home to your co-creative community. 


Sit down with your journal, and contemplate the following:

  1. What is best for my tribe?
  2. What do they seek to hear?
  3. What do they seek to know?
  4. Who will this benefit?
  5. How will this help them?
  6. What words will reach deep into their psyche for powerful growth and expansion? 
  7. What guidance will jolt them into action to see results?

When true, undeniable service is the foundation to the birth of your sacred project, then only truth will be delivered to your people. 



No sacred project is absent of challenges. It is best to head them off before they derail you. The best way to do that is know how to confront challenges and learn from them.

Taking the time to confront and heal is a spiritual practice. Like changing the oil in your car, or cleaning out your temp files on your computer, it’s not an everyday event. However, it is an event that continually comes up. That is actually what you want. 

If challenges or fears are *not* showing up on a semi-regular basis, then you have hit a plateau. It’s comfortable there. And it’s okay to hang out there every once in a while. Yet, staying there, will not birth your sacred project into dimensional reality. 

Challenges keep you finely tuned, growing, and expanding into further and further incarnations of your highest potential. Make time for them. Make conversing with them a practice.

Create a ritual around it. Maybe every new moon, you spend some time speaking with and connecting to fears and challenges and learning from them and letting them go.


The best way to work through your encounters is by looking them straight in the eye — ask them,

What are you trying to tell me?

This question and the conversation that follows it is VITAL!!! Don’t assume you immediately know the answer unless you feel it deep within your core being. Intuitively have a conversation with your fears. Fear teaches us so much!!!

If you fall behind while creating your sacred project, hit that oh-so-comfortable plateau, ask yourself:

  1. Am I hanging out in fear?
  2. Am I allowing myself to wallow in ‘what if’s’?
  3. Am I allowing this challenge to defeat me?

If you say yes to any of the above, ask yourself why? Why are you hanging out in fear? Why are you allowing yourself to wallow in “what if’s”? Why are you letting this challenge, this encounter defeat your core mission? 

Journal all these answers in a book. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into the physical three-dimensional reality. Let your eyes read what you just wrote. Speak your answers out loud. Using as many senses as you can help your creative thought system to begin efficiently working for you! To solve the challenge of the plateau. 

Continue journaling, asking yourself the following:

  1. What are the benefits of keeping stuck in the challenge?
  2. What are the disadvantages of staying present in this challenge?

Word of advice: Don’t hang out too long with your fears and challenges. Don’t let their energy bleed into your core being. Learn from them. Then let go, and keep moving towards your desired goal.

Continue to stay in the present with your one eye toward your future not running away from your past (remember Step 1). Look forward —

  • Where are you going?

Continue to feel the momentum of moving towards your vision!

Be careful that your feelings do not trick you. When you run away, you can never run fast enough. Running away has a temporary sense of release. Moving toward has a permanent feeling of ambition.

Everything you have learned before the current challenge, all the decisions you made, lead you to this point, this moment. You are ready for that challenge, that encounter with that new fear. That is why it showed up!

I am ready; therefore, I am challenged.


Good intentions should be paired with additional principles. Good intentions are not always enough. To bring about the greatest potential to your sacred project, infuse your good intentions with:

  1. Foresight
  2. Integrity
  3. Humility

Now, you may be asking, why did I choose those 3 principles in particular. Great question! 

Foresight. I read an article recently, and if I could remember where I read it I would give you the link. What I gleaned from that article was that humans have a great capacity for what the article termed as “mental time travel.”

Some of the greatest methods I used to create my programs or even my blog posts was to pretend I was being interviewed by a famous podcaster and they asked me how I created my most successful program. In my imagination, I began to talk about how it came to be, why it was so powerful, and how it changed the world.

My pretend interviewer would ask me questions on why so many people benefited and I would answer. These answers came to me off the top of my head. No practice. And there was no stress because this was all in my mind’s eye. But what happened in those imaginary interviews, became my greatest posts or programs.

I would record them and listen back and pull out the intuitive information that seemed to come from beyond me. This is foresight. 

So maybe, you take some time and write out some client testimonials. Or do a video testimonial on your phone (of course, only for you) pretending to be your client giving you a testimonial of how your products or service moved them, changed them, expanded them. When you take the time to do this, you will learn what your most valuable part is within your sacred project. The power of foresight. 

Integrity. Well… if we all lived with more integrity, wouldn’t the world be a better place. Financial gain should be a result of you creating a service that serves first before profit. Your sacred project must come from the depths of your soul and be deeply connected to your heart’s message. This is the definition of sacred to me. 

I have spoken to a few heart-centered entrepreneurs who felt guilty for charging what they are worth. This is where a strong principle of integrity is a foundational piece for your sacred project. If you know in your heart that you built a program that heals, serves, changes, enlightens, or whatever the main goal of your sacred project is, then charging what you are worth is strengthened by your sincerity, merit, and dignity. 

There is an energetic exchange that strengthens both parties in any sacred project. That bond of trust is the core of your integrity. Never waiver in your integrity. Be the person you are meant to be!!! 

Humility. I love this principle. I may have created my program but not alone. My teachers, my mentors, books that I have read, classes I have taken, conversations with strangers on foreign buses, a movie, a moment of silence where clarity was born… all of these experiences have expanded me, evolved me, and enlightened me to the moment of my sacred creation. 

Though this sacred project may be your words, they are born from all of the teachers before you. I always give thanks to all that is put in front me and know that I would not be where I am today without my many guides, both professionally and personally. And some of them, I will never know their name. 

They sparked ideas. Raised questions within. Brought on deep introspection. They are the cornerstone of flowing energy that awakened within you what you now teach. There is an honor here that you walk a path that was opened up due to those experiences. Keep humility close by, in your heart, your soul, and your core values.


The Pretend Interview

I mentioned above that I used a method of pretending to be interviewed by a famous podcaster. This is a great exercise for foresight. 

  1. Write down all the questions you think an interviewer would ask you when you are speaking about your sacred project. I found this article and thought it was a great start to formulating possible interview questions for this exercise. >> GREAT PODCAST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS
  2. Grab your phone
  3. Start recording and be both the interviewer and interviewee. 
  4. DO NOT prepare your answers ahead of time. It is okay if you stumble. It shows you where you need to add content to your sacred project. I am looking for intuitive answers that will lead you to creating your best product or service from your greatest gift within. 
  5. After you are done, listen to it. Glean the information you desire to strengthen your sacred project.


Heart Centered Honesty

Look into your heart and soul around the sacred project you are creating and ask yourself, 

  1. What are my intentions around my sacred project?
  2. How can I strengthen my intentions with honesty, realistic evaluation, and long-term vision?
  3. Are there any hidden self-serving reasons to bring this project to fruition? If so, what are they?
  4. How is the project a win-win for my sacred clients and me? 

The self-serving reasons to bring a project to attainment is not a bad thing. It is an awareness thing. Projects should be a win-win. There should be an energetic exchange. This keeps both parties with an overflowing cup!!! The goal is simply to bring them to awareness and apply the 3 principles, foresight, integrity, and humility.


Inspired Gratitude

This is the easiest of the three exercises. I simply want you to make a list of the experiences that brought you to this point in creating this product. Don’t worry if you forget some. I am sure there were many. Just bring to your awareness the ones that are charged within you. Keep this list close by to know that you are supported on your path. And in the morning, give thanks to those experiences while creating this project, through the launch of your project, and while you are teaching this project. 🙂 


Are you ready?!? Let’s quickly go over what you just learned.

  1. You have made it a habit to speak of your vision and move towards your desires.
  2. You have stepped into your greatness through courage.
  3. You have prioritized the needs of your tribe.
  4. You have confronted your fears, learned from them, and made communication with them a spiritual practice.
  5. You have looked at your good intentions with foresight, integrity, and humility.

WOW! YOU ARE READY!!! You just completed all the preliminary steps to know that what you are creating comes from a place of pure love. It is what people will be seeking — the core of you!!!

All souls that are called to your sacred project and commit to fully engaging with your sacred project will experience their higher selves because the energy of your project is vibrating at a frequency so vast that it can only produce true results for those who are ready to receive it!

Congratulations!!! It is time to birth and expand your sacred project. 

Birth and Expansion is all about connecting to your creativity. Through optimism, enthusiasm, and experimentation, it is time for you to be boundless in the creation and design of your sacred project. You likely have your idea. You may even have an outline. You may even have 70% of it written.

OUR GOAL in Birth & Expansion is to not only discover your creative spark within but employ it to the far reaches of all the lessons within your sacred project.


It is now time to look at your sacred project and see where you can expand.

  1. Where can you go beyond the container you first conceived? Push the boundaries, so to speak.
  2. Can you expand upon your teaching in a way that embraces higher wisdom into your sacred project? 
  3. An exercise that moves your tribe out of their comfort zone?
  4. A new perspective that has never been taught before?
  5. Or maybe, a simpler way to express a concept to expand the reach of understanding within your tribe?

Spend time with each lesson, concept, and exercise. Meditate with it. Create a conversation with that piece of your sacred project. Go beyond consciousness and reach into the subconsciousness of it and even further in the collective conscious.

  1. What theme’s are present? 
  2. What does it want to say? 
  3. Why does it want to be birthed? 

Let each story guide you to open a door that moves your tribe, your audience, and delivers a sacred project that lasts beyond time. Join the sages of the past, present, and future. This is part of your legacy. 🙂  



OH! How I love this topic! Everything you birth is an initiation to the next step of your evolution and all your client’s evolutions.

Ceremonies are designed to flourish in the focused energy around your sacred project. This focused energy is why I LOVE ceremonies and rituals! They not only expand all your good intentions to the nth level but they also seal that energy around the project, keeping your creative flow intact and untouched. Rituals have the power to ground you, open your mind, and center you in the present moment.

In this approach, I like to create rituals before, during, and after.

  • Before sets the tone and creates an energetic container.
  • During, gives credence to the milestones.
  • After, consummates the project before the next step.

Rituals and ceremonies go beyond linear language. They raise the vibration to a higher state then we can ever speak to it. They strengthen the present energy — they invite in sacredness. They have the power to call in the seekers by vibrating out a wide net of frequencies in the ether.

Remember the Law of Attraction; like is attracted to like. Those that intuitively feel the frequency or vibration of your sacred project will be drawn to what you just created. A true energetic ritual has this kind of power when good intentions paired with wisdom are behind it.

If there is an emptiness to your ritual, then nothing will happen. If you allow fear, doubt, confusion, or worry to enter into your sacred space, then those energies will need to be cleared.

This is why we set intentions before we perform ceremonies. To imbue them with the strength to reach its final destination or journey.


You may spend hours, days, weeks, months and possibly even years creating this sacred project. It deserves attention, celebration, and focus. To honor your project, let us create 3 rituals; before, during and after.

INITIATION. Create an initiation process. 

  1. What does one need to open themselves to receive the information you will be teaching?
    • It could be a meditation. Or created a sacred altar to hold the container. It might be as simple as purchasing a journal and scheduling time in their calendar for your program. That action alone is a common initiation process among many heart-centered programs. 
  2. How does one prepare for learning?
  3. What is the optimal tools, techniques, and methods that one can perform to be at their optimal level for training? 
  4. What state of mind should they be in? 
  5. How should they feel and what emotional activities can they employ to get them there? 
  6. Are there any beliefs that can support them on their journey? For instance, in my purpose program, there are 3 key assumptions that support my clients in finding their purpose. If my clients do not believe in those 3 key assumptions, their success in my program drops significantly. 

You can use this initiation process at the start of your sacred project. However, if you have already started, you really can use it anytime to renew the energy in your project and refocus your vision. Whatever your create for this process, think about how your tribe will use when they begin to learn from your sacred project. 

RITUAL. Next, create a ritual that can be done just before learning or right after learning.

  1. What would a before learning ritual look like?
    • Maybe you ask them to do a breathing practice just before they begin a lesson to make sure their mind isn’t all over the place. 
    • You may ask them to grab their favorite crystal and light a candle before a lesson. 
  2. What would help your client reach a level of optimal understanding during a lesson? 
  3. What would an after learning ritual look like?
    • Maybe you want to close the lesson with an activity to cement the learning within their psyche or being. 
    • An activity like journaling or teaching the lesson to another or creating a workbook for them to use and look back on. 
    • Maybe, in the end, they snuff the candle out as a ritual to close the lesson. 

Whatever the ritual looks like, make sure to use this same ritual as you write and finish each lesson, module, or chapter in your sacred project. This way you are mirroring what you are asking your tribe to do and you can actually give a testimonial to the ritual and how it works. You can also refine it as you move from one lesson to the next in your evolution of creating it. 🙂

CEREMONY. Now it is time to create an ending ceremony of celebration. There are so many ways to end a learning lesson. 

  1. What would be the ideal setting to celebrate reaching the end of your sacred project?
    • I love to seal my projects by purchasing a new crystal that reminds of all the hard work I just put into creating the project. 
    • Maybe it is a spa day
    • Or a night out with your honey. 
    • Maybe it is simply journaling your thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the evolution you just went through. 
    • Maybe it is creating an action plan, depending on what your sacred project is. 
    • Possibly it is the tearing down of an altar that was placed up during the initiation phase to release the energetic container. 
  2. How would you like your tribe to celebrate? 
  3. What honors your sacred project the most? 

What you come up with is exactly what is needed. Intuitively feel it out. Practice it. Visualize it. Again, I believe it is important that you use this same ceremony when you finish your sacred project as your tribe will when they complete your sacred project. 

I really want to thank you for reading these steps. Embracing them in the design of your sacred project. Implementing the ones that resonate with you and the project you’re working on. I truly believe in my heart that these are the divine 7-Steps to ensuring your sacred project will be triumphant.

Of course, there are many ways to reach a victorious project. Many paths can achieve a completed goal.

If you resonate with this method and are ready to take the next step and would like guidance, then let’s co-create together. Reach out so we can chat and see what kind of support I can offer you to assist you in creating a beautiful sacred project. 

With peace, love, harmony, and SOOOO many smiles,
Connie B 🙂

Please share your thoughts and insights from these exercises in the comments!


I am a life coach. I am not a trained social worker, counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. These inspirations come to me in meditation, dreams, my readings of Carl Jung, positive psychology, energy psychology, general psychology, the psychology of happiness, life coaching training, manifestation study, connection to both higher self and inner self, as well as conversations with friends, strangers, and clients.

There is no clinical trials or studies I can point you to prove that the following above information will work for you and your unique situation. In contrast, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I thoroughly believe that if you apply yourself to most methods, you will reach wholeness, happiness, and serenity.

Life is about trial and error. All of my writings and methods are meant to expand your mind into the unknown depths of your psyche so that you can heal and reach your mental utopia to experience the world around you filled with joy.