What do you think of the Purpose Pillars journey so far?

First, we learned about your Essence. What it is and how it’s part of your purpose. How you are the least likely person to know what it is and if you are (or soon to be) an entrepreneur, how it helps significantly in branding your business. 

We then took a closer look at my favorite pillar (shhh, don’t tell the others!): The Blessing. The Blessing is the unique way in which you transform the people you meet. It has two vital stages: the point of initiation or starting state, when someone reaches out to you, and the point of completion or ending state, when you have left the person you blessed satisfied.

The Blessing encompasses so much more than I’ve shared here and we would spend a lot more time discovering your own Blessing Process. The Sacred Purpose Program is designed to ensure that your blessing becomes a conscious and complete process.

Today, we are venturing into the third Purpose Pillar: The Mission. The Mission is a very specific task that needs to be accomplished. It could be instructions to serve a particular group; a solution to a problem you are uniquely qualified to carry out, or maybe a change you are meant to create in the world. The Mission also has a specific beginning and an end but they differ from those in The Blessing.

Take me, for example, I share a mission with other life purpose guides. We all want everyone to know their true purpose but the steps we follow to bless our clients are different despite sharing the same mission.  

The Blessing is yours and yours alone and it is something you will do continually throughout your entire life. The Mission may or may not be shared with others, it is something you may start, finish, and start a different one. You also may have more than one mission. I, myself, have two. These are some key differences between the two. 

So, what is The Mission?

The Mission is the HIGHEST level of instruction your soul was given.

Let me give you some examples.

Have you ever heard of Charity Water? Charity Water’s mission is to bring clean water to everyone on the planet. This mission started when a man named Scott Harrison decided his life needed to change. This was his soul’s HIGHEST level of instruction.

The end state is when everyone on planet earth has access to clean water and this charity will no longer need to exist. This mission may not be accomplished in Scott Harrison’s lifetime but it is his mission. It may be passed down over several generations and others may also share this mission.  (If you ever never heard Scott Harrison’s story, it’s definitely worth watching this video: https://youtu.be/SHQWUERptAM — you will feel so inspired!).

Another great example is Pencils of Promise: a global, “for-purpose” organization that builds schools and create programs around their goal to provide education to all. Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise, had an epiphany while traveling through a third world country. In a moment of clarity, he discovered his soul’s HIGHEST level of instruction: to educate the children of the world. Again, this is a BIG mission, and it may not be accomplished in his lifetime yet when all the children of the world have access to education, his organization, just as with Charity Water, will no longer be needed.

These two missions have a beginning and an end, even if the end happens well after the person’s lifetime.

Another mission that arose for Adam Braun of Pencils of Promise, was to redefine how charities speak about their business structure. Most call themselves non-profit yet for Adam, this term held a negative connotation so he set out to change that. He coined a new term for charities: For-Purpose. Needless to say, as a life purpose coach, it simply warms my heart!

So, as you can see, Adam has two missions. 1) to provide education to all children of the world and 2) to restructure charities to the For-Purpose business model.

I just gave you two examples of some pretty huge missions and it’s important to note that the ego can be wary of BIG missions such as these. This fear stops so many from discovering their purpose and ultimately blessing the world. One thing I love about The Sacred Purpose Program are the deep dives into whatever fears come up within you, we work through them, and ultimately guide you to discovering your True Purpose.

Something remarkable about The Mission is that it can be broken down. When both of these amazing humans were awakened to their BIG mission – their global mission – they knew there were smaller steps along the way to get to their end goal: mini-missions.

Another great thing about your mission is: YOU GET TO CHOOSE IT! As I said, for some people, it can be the scariest part of their purpose, especially if it is a global mission.

This is why working with a Life Purpose Coach who has experience in easing the ego into a fully articulated life purpose is so beneficial. They create a safe and sacred container for you to learn and discover your Sacred and Divine Purpose in this world.

Here are some other examples of mission statements from folks creating an impact in their communities and the world:

  1. Growing Gardens for Intercity Communities
  2. Educating People about World Cultures through Photography
  3. Leading Retreats that awaken people to inner connection, self-love, and healing
  4. Guiding rising influencers craft their message for speaking engagements
  5. Creating Empowering Fashion Designs for High-Achieving Executives
  6. Connecting Goddesses to their Sacred and Divine Purpose (Can you guess whose that is? It’s not a trick question! 😉 )

So why is your mission critical? Why do you need to know your mission?

Because a mission is the application for your blessing!

Both Scott and Adam use their missions to perform their blessing over and over and over again to many communities all around the world.  If you know your mission, you can make informed and educated decisions about the direction of your life. Your mission will lead you to the right community to bless.

Next week I am going to talk about the last pillar: Message, which I sometimes refer to this as your Sacred Wisdom Message.

See you next week! Until then… Live Purposefully! 🙂

“Before I started working with Connie, I had a burning desire to become more and uncover my life purpose, but I lacked the clarity. Her warm and energetic nature made me feel so at ease right from the get go. Connie not only helped me discover my purpose, but she was able to guide me in removing my fears and limiting beliefs. Her methods keep you focused, accountable and connected to your higher Self.

She is genuine and passionate about her work and goes above and beyond to assist you throughout each phase of her coaching program. I am so grateful to have met her! Connie has a gift and is no doubt helping women step into their true potential.”

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