Today we take a closer look at our last, and just as important, Purpose Pillar: The Sacred Message.

Your Sacred Message is the wisdom you bring to the world. Many of those wonderful Tedx talks are full of sacred messages. The deepest truths those speakers can share. They are what’s in their hearts and minds; what they feel is vital to bring to their audience.

Sacred Messages create a BIG IMPACT on your tribe and clients. These can be delivered by words or actions. When you deliver your Sacred Message to your audience, it TRANSFORMS YOU and anyone who is open to receive it.

Your Sacred Message is how you express your mission and blessing out in the world. It is pure heart and soul and you’ll know when you’re delivering it because you will say you’re feeling “in the zone.”  Your Sacred message is when you are so aligned to your Soul’s Purpose that your whole being is connected to it.

For some of us, our sacred message can be the most challenging pillar. In contrast, the first pillar: – Your Essence – is one of the easiest for it is who you are. You and your essence are ONE. We merely uncover it, define it, and give it a statement. 

The second pillar – Your Blessing – is also something you already do but may not be conscious of and your blessing process may not be complete. So we delve into it, discover what your unique blessing is, and make the process conscious. Most of our work together will be spent on The Blessing but its core is already there for us to explore.

Many times Your Mission, the third pillar, comes to light while having an experience, an epiphany, if you will, so we delve back into that experience and bring your mission to consciousness. If you haven’t experienced that “a-ha” moment, it’s ok! There are tools and exercises that allow us to listen deeply for it and bring it into awareness.

Your Sacred Message, well, that is the entirety of you. I believe sacred messages are tied closely to self-love and confidence. This is why in the Sacred Purpose Program I work with you on both of these vital qualities. Your Sacred Message utilizes your essence to express itself in the world. It carries your message to the place your mission asks you to go.

A Sacred Message comes through in many ways from deep meditation to inspired conversations to daily reflection and more. That is why the Sacred Clarity Program provides a variety of exercises that will shine the light on your Sacred Message.

Why is your Sacred Message important? Why do you need to know it?

  • If you are seeking a career that aligns you to your purpose, then expressing your message can have a profound impact on that company.
  • If you are set on being an entrepreneur (like I am), it calls in your tribe. It is what attracts people to you.
  • In life, your sacred message will not be meant for everyone, it’s not supposed to, but for those open to receive it, it will be transformative. The unfolding of their destiny hinges on your message just as their sacred message will catalyze the destiny of others.

NOW THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED THEM ALL… this is the True Purpose Formula:

Purpose = Essence + Blessing + Mission + Message





Here are some questions you may ask yourself to learn why purpose is vital in your life.

  1. Why is discovering your unique purpose important to you right now?
  2. What would it feel like to really know your purpose?
  3. How would your life be different if a year from now you were living your purpose, making an IMPACT in the world, and serving your tribe?
  4. If you don’t discover your purpose, what are your next steps?
  5. If a year from now, you are in the exact place you are today, how would you feel?

Now IMAGINE you *do* find your purpose.

  • How has your life changed?
  • Who are you helping?

Here is a great affirmation I repeat OFTEN:

As I do what I love, all of life opens up to me. 

How does that feel?


  • Uncovering your divine, sacred purpose enhances your ability to create profound abundance in every area of your life
  • You are a special, unique person and you have a meaningful contribution to make to the world.

The Sacred Purpose Program is open right now. To make sure the program is a good fit, I like to have a one-on-one call with you to listen to your goals, dreams, desires, and ensure you and I will be great partners in discovering your purpose. This is totally complimentary.

Please reach out here to book a call so you can ask me any questions you have about this program. I look forward to connecting with you and helping uncover your Sacred Purpose!

“I had such a beautiful call with Connie… my intention was vague, and she pretty much just went ahead and nailed it! Her intuition was so on point, but what meant the most to me was her authenticity and sincerity… I felt very safe and cared for and seen.

I feel like we are kindred spirits and meant to connect at this time. Her messages were very clear and provided the inspiration and insight I needed to move forward. She provided so much information, and genuine help from her own experience and I appreciated her sharing. It helped to clear up a lot of energy for me.

A few days after our session, I had some energetic and emotional shifts that provided to be less than pleasant… and now, since allowing that energy to transform, I feel much more freedom and openness that I hadn’t felt before… it was the breakthrough I had been seeking and I attribute it to groundwork Connie and I laid down on our call. Thank you, Connie!!! xoxo”

Nikki Capezio Watson

Writer | Speaker | In the Moment Mama,

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I have a mission. That mission is simple… To awaken those who feel lost and crave more to discover their true connection and deep inner happiness. 

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