How many of us hear this…

Don’t think of what you don’t want, instead, focus on what you do want.

Yet, you want that thing because in your current experience you do not have it. — Hmmm… Does that have to be a true statement?

Let us think of it in another way.

IMAGINE… Right now, you are happy. You are in love with life. And if this is all you had in this moment, you could die today knowing that you had a full life, a meaningful life; even if you didn’t get that thing you wanted to achieve.

That is where we all, at times, mix our signals. Many say, “If I had what I wanted, I wouldn’t want any more.”

But many of us only want what we don’t have. We don’t want what we already have. And we want because we need to get away from where we are.

It is that mentality that causes people, maybe you, to stay stuck.

It is in that moment, that as much as you try to focus on what you want, which is the key to manifesting, you only want it (that thing you think you desire) because you need to get away from where you are now.

And that “need” creates a focus on the current state (the state you don’t want to be in) instead of the future state (the experience you truly want). And in a circular fashion, that “need” keeps you exactly where you are. (UGH! Stupid need.)

OH MAN! That sucks.

What Do I Do Now

To move toward what you want, you must first accept what you have and love what you have; even if down deep it isn’t where you want to be. You will not move on from this place of experience until you accept it and love it for what it is. You will not be free of it unless you deeply understand the power it holds for your transformation that is so needed for the future state / experience you desire. (WOW, mind BLOWN!)

You must realize that where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be to go where you want to go. So that, if you were to die today (of course, hopefully not), you would be happy with what you already have. (Hmmm… I think this is easier said than done, yet, it’s the key to going where you want to go. Can someone say PRACTICE!) CONFUSING!!!

We know that…

Gratitude breeds opportunity. Needing breeds misfortune.

Knowing that little knowledge tidbit, you must create a ritual or a process that:

  • Changes your mindset of your today;
  • To love your current experience;
  • Accept your current experience for what it is;
  • And understand how it is your stepping stone.

The question is…

What is that ritual, that process that allows you to accept, to be thankful for, and to truly, intimately understand your now in a way that allows you to be satisfied with your current experience?


So satisfied that now you can move or flow towards your next evolution.

In this light, you can then expand it, not change it, not necessarily transform it, (it = material experience). Although it will feel like it is a transformation, only it is a transformation of the current emotion felt, not the material experience.

The transformation is in the perception of the now so that you can expand your perception to include your future desire. (yes, I know… DEEP!)

You must transform the emotional experience so that you no longer have to run away from where you are but instead you can flow to your greatest achievement with ease, peace, joy, and love.

In each experience, you gain compassion, understanding, patience, confidence, and peace. So your current experience is teaching you something. That something must be heeded to move on. ( KEY PEOPLE, are you getting this?!?)

Knowing this ritual is important. And the only way to know it is to seek it through your trusted source, higher self, goddess, creator, angels, spirit guide or whatever you call your connection to the spirit world.

Your ritual will be different than mine, or your friends, or your neighbors or even your spouse. It will be unique to you.

You have been seeking this ritual from other gurus. And they all have a process. And all those processes will work but only for some people, not all. Now, you might stumble upon one such process from a guru that works, but it will by accident; even if it felt very serendipity.

And to stumble upon that process may take weeks, months, or even years.

More than likely, you will seek and seek and try and attempt and fail and then say, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?”

And your perceived failure will be because you tried to follow another’s way. Yet, deep down, you required, your soul required your way. 

To expand, you must get your ritual from your spiritual guidance. The one whose values are for your growth and development.

Powerful Connection to Your Higher Self is the Key

If you are ready to make a POWERFUL CONNECTION to your trusted source, the Creative Conversations Method I teach will guide you in connecting deeply, intimately, sacredly to your trusted source, your higher self, your god or goddess, your universe, your creator, your (insert your trusted guidance word here).

From here you will learn that ritual in transforming your emotional state of your current experience so that you no longer have to run away but instead, you can flow toward your next evolution.

Let me help you connect… Sign up on my calendar here to discuss how this process works:

Sat Nam, Namaste, Many Blessings, C 🙂