The one mindset trick that crushes all the rest!

Learning to be happy now is the vital first step in creating the life you want. And yet, I hear all the time these kinds of excuses…

  • “I can’t be happy now because I don’t have my dream life!”
  • “I’m going to a job I hate.”
  • “I live in a house that is depressing.”
  • “My car barely warms in the winter.”
  • “I have no money to fix things that are broken or to save.”
  • “I’m living paycheck to paycheck and life sucks!”
  • “How the hell do you want me to be happy now. Tell the universe to give me a break so I can lift this pressure and see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

First, I want to acknowledge that none of the above is fun. I’ve been there. And doesn’t feel fun, inspiring or motivating. Yet, as the saying goes… You must believe it and feel it, to see it.

So, how do you do that?
How do you feel rich when your reality doesn’t match?
How do you believe things will get better when you are unable to picture the how; the steps from where you are now to where you want to be?

The goal here is to raise your vibration, your frequency or you could say your mood, your emotion.

Here is the Mindset Trick


For instance, say you love flowers and you want to have a flower garden in your dream life with your dream house. Yet, you need a greenhouse to have those flowers all year long and you currently live in a tiny apartment.

If you only need small actions to feel abundant, why not stop at your favorite flower shop once a week and pick up one carnation to put in a special vase. Then every time you see that flower, you spend a moment picturing the greenhouse it came from, the love it received to be so beautiful, and the joy that it has found its way into your life right now.

You might think that in order to start feeling better you have to create these BIG experiences that confirm without a doubt that your biggest dreams are manifesting for you.

As the cliche goes, you forget that life is a journey, not a destination.

You forget about the small things when there are big things looming over you. Yet, it is the epitome of the small things that create the BIG things.

The power of a single flower versus an entire greenhouse is the same. Just because something is big, doesn’t make it any better than something that is small.

You get to decide what value you place on an object. It’s never the experience or the object that defines the significance.

It is YOU that creates your world and the meaning around it.  

As stated, this is a mindset trick and only works if you believe it. The goal is to get you to smile and feel abundant every day no matter what is happening in the outer environment. I only care about what’s inside and how you feel.

Right now… take a moment and write down all the little things that make you smile. MAKE A LIST!


  • Having flowers in the house
  • A smile from a stranger
  • A compliment from a client
  • Enough time to exercise
  • Taking a long, hot bath
  • Petting your fur children
  • Talking all night to the love of your life on the phone

When you make the list, make sure to check off as much as you can during the week.

I am not asking for perfection; not asking for you to check off everything in one week. I am simply suggesting you accomplish anywhere from 1 to 3 abundant feeling tasks or whatever feels right on your list to feel abundant that week.

And then do it again next week and the week after that and the week after that and so on.

Mindset Trick Number Two

Don’t focus on the lack. Count your smiles. Count the times you feel amazing throughout the day and then dig deeper.

  • Why is that moment amazing? 
  • What am I thinking about?
  • How can I create more of these moments every day?

Build habits that bring those moments to you daily. Be a conscious creator!

Right now, I feel great. Why?

Because I am writing this very article, speaking to my audience, and sharing my knowledge. That always makes me feel amazing. So now I know what I can repeat this action to raise my vibration.

If I’m feeling low, take a moment to teach, share, and spread happiness through understanding.

Yes… This feels great!!! 🙂

Blessings & Smiles My Loves!
Connie 🙂