This week I’m taking you behind the scenes for your first Purpose Pillar: Essence.

Essence is what we call in the purpose process the fundamental aspect of purpose. Essence is your core being, your pure being.


When you are sitting on the couch watching a movie, essence is with you.

When you are cooking a healthy, delicious meal for your family, essence is your assistant.

When you are traveling on a plane or talking to a stranger or even in a heated discussion with your loved one, essence never leaves you.

Essence has been with you since you were born.

It radiates from you. Everyone you meet is affected by your essence. It is the qualities of who you are and is often described with core feeling words like love, joy, truth, warmth, strength, and wonder.

But here is the kicker… You are the least likely to know what your essence is!

Talk about a little unfair. 😉

In the Sacred Purpose Program, I guide you through proven exercises on how to uncover your essence.

Now you may ask, “why is essence essential to discovering my purpose?”

Uncovering your essence helps you come into alignment with your purpose. Let me share an example.

My essence statement is this:
“I am sunshine dancing through the radiating light of a midsummer night.”

For you, that statement might be confusing. But for me, every time I write that, I feel an overwhelming amount of joy. This sentence defines me to my core.

So let’s break that apart. First, “I am sunshine.” When you think of a descriptive word for someone such as sunshine, you probably think of someone energetic, smiles, laughs, and has a happy go lucky personality. Well, on most days that does describe me pretty well. My friends have called me the energizer bunny most of my life.

The second is “dancing.” Again, a very energetic word, lots of movement, happy, lives in the moment, and probably a joy-seeker. And again, this is very true about me. I LOVE to dance. I usually go out dancing most weekends. For me, dancing is my happy place. I am one with the music, one with movement, and one with my source.

You will notice though, that both sections so far have a lot of energy to them.

Last part, “radiating light of a midsummer night.” Again, very attuned to my true core being. This one is profound. First, we have the “radiating” word, again associated with energy. Second, we have “midsummer night.” I am genuinely a night owl. I do my best creative work from midnight until about 3 AM. I usually go to bed around then and don’t wake up until 9 or 10 AM in the morning (sometimes later). AND I LOVE IT!!

Now, going a little deeper, if “I am sunshine dancing in the radiating light of the midsummer night,” then I am not from the sun rays. I am the light from the moon, which is the sun but it’s a reflection of the sun. The sun is hitting the moon and then reflecting toward the earth.

It has been said, that I am a reflection for many people. I reflect back to my clients their confidence, empowerment, and happiness, but sometimes I reflect back what they may not want to see in themselves but need to understand, their shadow sides of confusion, misunderstanding, and discomfort.

Since I know this about my essence, I no longer get triggered when people see an aspect of me that is a reflection of who they are inside but unaware of that shadow trait.

I was born with this. I had energy the moment I came into this world. And my natural reflective ability is also my core being. I didn’t learn it or practice it. I simply am it. These qualities are my essence, and it is vital to uncover yours so that you come into alignment with your world around you.

Now that you know my essence. Do you think I would be a good fit to work at a day spa? Where one has to be calm, quiet, peaceful, and always relaxed for the clients?!? NO!!!!!

I am an energizer bunny that LOVES the nightlife. Working at a spa would go against my entire essence being, and after a while, I would feel this misalignment to this job. It would be draining on me.

If I couldn’t articulate my essence, I might not realize that this position isn’t ideal for me. But when you awaken to your essence and know it intimately, you will know what kind of careers align to your core being and which ones (no matter how good the offer is), do NOT!

If you want to start a business, knowing your essence helps you to align with the right business structure. For me, I need a varied life to keep my focus. Monotonous work is the death of me. I want exciting clients, projects, and a lifestyle that allows me to explore so that I can exercise my energy.  If I would have opened a business where I go to the same building and do the same thing day in, and day out, that business would soon become my prison.

Your core essence statement will guide you toward your right career, and your perfect business if you are ready to be an entrepreneur. In addition, if entrepreneurship is your goal, your essence is going to be your brand colors, fonts, and shapes you use.

If you are a calming person, you will want to choose colors that are calming. If you use fiery reds and you are a “cool spring quietly flowing in a green meadow” (if that is your essence statement), a fiery red is completely out of alignment to your essence and you will not be energetically connected to your brand which might slow down the progress of your business. You will want to use a calming blue and maybe a lush green.

See how that wonderful essence can paint a picture. Essence = the brand of your business. I use brighter colors to match my personality style in my brand, a sunshine color, and crisp ocean blue to represent clarity.

Because I know me so well, I know I need careers or projects that have a lot of energy behind them or I will go stir crazy. I need to be in a life where I don’t have to wake up early because it will go against my creative nature as a night owl. And I need to not take how people see me personally since I am a reflection for them to understand themselves honestly.

You core being, your Essence, is the first pillar in the Sacred Purpose Program because we need to know who you are at the core of your being to discover your True Purpose, the one that is absolutely aligned to who you truly are.

Next week, I’m going to reveal the second Pillar of Purpose, The Blessing. You will not want to miss this one!!!

“Connie has incredible intuition and is profoundly dedicated to the work that she does. She helped me to establish a powerful, life-changing connection with my Trusted Source, and the way she subsequently honored and celebrated this voice inside of me was impactful and healing.

I also highly value the way Connie identified where my ego was getting in the way and how it was holding me back; I have taken these learnings with me and have already begun to see a change in my life as a result.

Connie is fully committed to her clients’ success and sensationally enthusiastic about the work she is doing in this world. This combination is rare, dynamic, and a gift to everyone who crosses her path. ”

Liz Kimball

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