This week we go behind the scenes of your second Purpose Pillar: The Blessing.

The Blessing is the transformation you bestow upon others. It’s the bridge between BEING and DOING. This is when your core essence has been moved into ACTION!

Nothing will bring you greater success and sense of fulfillment than when you’re exercising your blessing. Believe it or not, you’ve been blessing others since the day you were born but didn’t know it. We all share bits and pieces of our Blessing with family and friends, romantic partners, and co-workers — but since it’s unconscious, we don’t bring our blessing to completion.

This is why discovering your purpose is crucial for it will make your blessing a conscious process.

Your Blessing is your Essence in action, and it not only defines your tribe, but it also has a point of initiation or starting state (such as when someone reaches out to you) and a point of completion or ending state (when someone has been through the transformation journey).

Getting to know your Blessing will show you the unique way in which you bring transformation to the lives of others.

Now let me share with you a really funny way to help you understand what I’m talking about. It may make you laugh but it was the best way for me to understand The Blessing. This was shared with me by my own purpose coach and it has to do with a washer and a dryer. Yes, you read right, a washer and dryer!

Ok, so now that you’ve stopped giggling. Let me take you for a spin! (Pun intended!)


There are three types of clothes that work well in the washer:

  1. Dry, Dirty Clothes
  2. Wet, Dirty Clothes (think beach or bath towels, etc.)
  3. Clothes you just bought but want to wash before wearing

Think of these clothes as the point of initiation or starting state for the washer.

When these clothes are placed inside the washer, the point of completion or ending state is to have clean clothes. THIS is the washer’s blessing and the process is done by following several steps. I won’t list them all as you can get very specific but let me list a few so you get the idea:

Here are the washer’s blessing steps:

  1. Its door is opened and the clothes are placed inside of it
  2. Soap is added and the door is closed
  3. Washing cycle is chosen
  4. Start button is pressed
  5. The washer fills its drum with water, covering the clothes
  6. It agitates them around in the soapy water
  7. It spins out the soapy water
  8. Fills its drum once again with water to rinse the clothes
  9. Agitates them to remove the soap
  10. Spins out the rinse water
  11. When finished, the washer sounds off the alarm and turns itself off

The point of completion or end state produces wet, clean clothes.


Now it’s the dryers turn. The point of initiation or starting state for the dryer is wet, clean clothes.

Some of the dryer’s blessing steps are:

  1. Its door is open and wet, clean clothes are placed inside of it
  2. Dryer sheets or wool balls are added and door is closed
  3. Drying cycle is chosen
  4. The start button is pressed
  5. The dryer releases heat and spins the clothes
  6. When finished, the dryer sounds off the alarm and turns itself off

The dryer’s point of completion or ending state is dry, clean clothes.

Now, can the dryer do the washer’s job? Nope.

Can the washer do the dryer’s job? Nope.

Your Blessing Process works very much the same way. There are a series of steps to follow starting with determining your audience (who your work is for), the point of initiation/starting state (why do they look for your services), and assessing how you bless them (how you get them from point A to point B).

No two people or businesses will follow the same steps. You will encounter many that seem to do the same work but in reality, they provide transformation to their clients in very different ways. For instance, one Purpose Coach may include space of comfort so that their client can unload their challenges as one of their Blessing steps while another Purpose Coach may do away with that all together as their client may have a therapist to do that. Both coaches have the same goal in mind – helping their clients discover their purpose – yet they go about it differently.

The journey of transformation for your clients will have very distinct points of initiation and completion. The steps in between are your Blessing Process. This is how you transform people and it is essential if you desire happy, satisfied customers!

When you discover your audience, you will know exactly who your ideal client is. They will be attracted to your message and love you because you can deliver to them exactly what they are looking for in a way that resonates with their needs.  You will experience many points of initiation or starting states, which is what you want, but make sure to be very clear on your point of completion or ending state. This is vital because you don’t want to continue the relationship past its expiration date. From my experience, the more you go past the point of completion, the less satisfied your client will be. Your ending state could be someone else’s starting state and vice versa.

Do you now understand why knowing your Blessing and your Blessing Process is important?

  • It is the KEY to finding the right career or opening up the right passion business.
  • It’s your first program/product
  • It’s your job title
  • It’s why you were born!
  • It’s what you were born to do!!

Not knowing can lead down the guessing rabbit hole. This only leads to soul-sucking jobs, misaligned careers, and a VERY frustrated life.

My heart’s desire is to help you discover what you are truly meant to do. You only have this one life and I want you to feel happy, successful, and fulfilled!

Next week, I will be discussing our next Purpose Pillar. This pillar is the HIGHEST level of instruction given to you. But you couldn’t do this next Pillar without knowing your Blessing. That is why Pillar 2: The Blessing is essential to living a purpose-filled life. See you then!

“Connie is an excellent coach and partner. She is highly intuitive, caring and resourceful. I was referred to Connie by another great coach in my network and am truly grateful for her wisdom and intelligence.

Connie helped uncover the hidden barriers that blocked my capacity to fully understand (and know) the richness of my life purpose and mission. She is an energizing force who is organized and technology-savvy. I found her methodology and approach to be creative, compelling and informative.

Our coaching sessions were inspiring and rich with new learning and ways of seeing. They helped gain incredible insights and new ideas about my own unique value and how to move forward to develop and bring my coaching offer into the world. I would strongly recommend her and am proud to have her in my network of support. ”

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