Most of us, on some level, know that happiness comes from within and not from all the outside stuff. Material objects provide us with comfort and ease, sure. We can use them as tools and instruments.

Even when we think we “know” something, our core beliefs can tell another story. And our actions demonstrate our beliefs — especially regarding how we try to bring ourselves happiness.

So the question I’m asking today is: How do we attain inner happiness without all our American wants of material objects?


Awareness & Protection

The first key to inner happiness is merely knowing what makes you happy. So many people go through life on autopilot, doing what they ‘should be’ doing and not what they truly want to be doing.

Working with my coaching clients, I notice how many people put their happiness in material objects or ‘outside of their control’ events, such as a husband, career, money, etc. “I’ll be happy when…”

My mission as a Spiritual Alchemist is to help you align your vibration to your desires. Happiness is one of the strongest vibrations that attract additional experiences of joy and alignment. To understand what I mean, visit ‘Emotional Guidance Scale‘ by Jerry & Esther Hicks (Abraham).

It’s recommended to know what makes you happy in life and to know what doesn’t. Life isn’t perfect. You’re not expected to be satisfied all the time. But as some have said, “It’s good to have moments of darkness while living in the light; than to have glimpses of the light, while living in the darkness.”


The first energy I want you to call in is Athena’s keen awareness. Being aware of what makes you happy and being aware of what doesn’t.

Sit down and write a list of ten things that are NOT material objects that raise your vibration into happiness, and then another list of ten things that lower your vibration into dissatisfaction.

At times, we allow other people to affect our mood. To not do this takes practice.

Here is an example:

If someone is sitting next to you on a bus screaming at the top of their lungs the whole bus ride, it might begin to irritate you.

However, if we get real here, the irritation stems from your thoughts and feelings about screaming. Possibly, your senses, such as your hearing, could be creating these thoughts as they interpret the noise. Your hearing may be sending signals to your brain that this noise is unpleasant which is firing your synapses to spark your thoughts that you are uncomfortable and having an unpleasant feeling which then results in your mood changing from happy to irritated to MAD!

Another person on that same bus might merely move to the back, turn up the volume on their smartphone, close their eyes and not even worry about the screaming at all.

So it is not the screaming itself that bothers you but the thoughts about it that are in direct effect of your perception and interpretation and then followed by the result of your mood.

At this moment is where awareness comes in. To protect yourself from outside stimuli of negative vibrations and energy, you must first be the observer of the thought.

Awareness allows you to observe.

From awareness, you can consciously decide to react either negatively, neutral, or positively to the matter at hand.

If you know screaming will bother you, because you are naturally sensitive to noises, then when it starts, you can get off at the next stop and get on the later bus, all while keeping your cool.

If a certain personality does not suit you, you can consciously not befriend people that exude that kind of character. Can someone say boundaries and protection? 😉

If a personality is suitable and even desirable, you can consciously seek out that those qualities to add to your friend network. For instance, I love intellectuals where I can have stimulating conversation. So, I seek out those individuals that inspire me, diversify my thoughts, and challenge me to grow.


The next Athena energy I want to call in is protection.

This week, spend time observing your environment and how you feel about it, what thoughts arise during specific situations, and what actions you instinctual want to take or unconsciously do take with immediate effect.

Learn to seek out places of higher vibration (aka happiness).

An excellent energy exercise for protection is the Pink Bubble visualization. It helps you protect your energy field while out there in the real world.

Pink Bubble Visualization

  1. First center yourself with a breathing meditation with or without music.
  2. Ground yourself to mother earth through visualizing your awareness going into the core of the earth, like roots of a tree.
  3. Allow the earth energy to be called back into you through your root chakra, sacral chakra, solar chakra, and heart chakra.
  4. Take a moment to give thanks for the presence of mother earth’s grounding energy within your energy body.
  5. Once you feel centered, connected to yourself, your inner world, and the energy field around you, and you’re grounded to earth …
  6. Visualize a pink bubble starting from your Crown Chakra and emanating a few inches above your head to gently fall like a waterfall to the bottom of your feet, surrounding your physical body.
  7. No one can get into your pink bubble without your permission.
  8. Inside this pink bubble, you are safe, secure, and protected from outside vibrations.
  9. If you want to let someone in, you can open a valve and allow their energy inside your pink bubble. You have control on when to open your valves and when to close them. 

You can do this exercise anytime you leave your home as added protection. When a situation arises that is out of your control, picture your pink bubble and know that no one can enter it (emotionally), without your permission.



Mercury’s archetype domain focuses on communication, intellect, awareness, and creative expression of thought. This energy goes hand and hand with our the Athena Energy above.

  • Why does an object have a hold on us?
  • Does inner happiness need a home, indoor plumbing, and clothes?
  • What is the minimal acceptance of inner happiness when it comes to material objects?

We might be able to trace some of this back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First, we want to survive; next, we want to be safe, then we want to belong and be happy with ourselves. Finally, it’s reaching self-fulfillment of our purpose. Of course, not always in that order as some studies have suggested. 

Now, surviving does require some material objects, like clothing and shelter. Being safe may also involve material objects. But having a vanilla scented candle instead of a white sage scented candle is merely a luxury and not a point of whether to be unhappy or happy. Being in the front row of a concert of your favorite band or the last row, should not be a reason to be happy or unhappy — for you are still at the show!

For American culture, this concept can feel foreign because of the luxury status of a first world country. But this is precisely what Mercury’s Energy is supporting us to see. 

It’s taking the observation and awareness that we learned from Athena and advancing it to the next level of creative thought leading to true inner happiness.

Mercury asks to open your mind to a variety of perspectives. Going a step further, Mercury represents harmony in the synthesis of thought and wisdom.

Is my thinking based on what is true for all (facts) or what is only true for me? Neither of these things is wrong, just a different perspective. However, that different perspective could lead to two vastly dissimilar emotional responses. 

Consider a person who feels that someone with tattoos cannot be a good banker. Just because someone has tattoos doesn’t mean they cannot understand money?!?

The thought, “This person has tattoos. Therefore, they are not professional, and I only want to work with professional people when handling my money because working with a tattoo person could jeopardize the safety of my money.”

This imaginary person views tattoos as a bad judgment call. They then assume that the person with tattoos will inevitably make another bad judgment call. Basically, due to that thought above, they instantly have distrust because of their personal feelings of tattoos. 

That is not truth nor wisdom. The is only true for that person thinking that thought.

The truth is that a person with tattoos may be the smartest financial adviser in that company. The only way to find out is to seek out their past results and talk to previous customers.

That is the difference between thought and wisdom. 


Take time this week to think of different ways to view a controversial topic. Like debate club, debate the opposite side that you want to be on.

For more practice, use three different controversial topics to train your brain to see different perspectives on the spot.

Inner happiness is about perspective in this world. True perspective comes with wisdom. 

This is where Mercury’s energy is so helpful; to call in wisdom to experience different perspectives so you are not stuck on one thought that may inhibit your ability to reach the right balance of inner happiness for you.


Universal Truth

Just because you don’t have material objects doesn’t mean you cannot help move the world to higher vibrations! The Aquarius archetype seeks expanded awareness and shares truth and higher wisdom unto all of us.

It is the qualities of the Aquarius archetype as to why I am so in love with the Age of Aquarius. And YES!!! It all started with that famous song from the ’60s. 

The first time I heard the song from The 5th Dimension, I had no clue what it meant. My curiosity forced me to look it up and understand. Since then I have studied the beauty of this archetype, and it fascinates me to no end.

The Aquarius archetype asks you to look outside convention for something that is unique in your life, excites you, and enlightens you. This archetype invites you to be creative!  Brilliant ideas, imaginative plans, inventive strategies… An outlet for thought that expresses who you truly are inside. It’s awareness (thought – Air) to tangible expression (touch, see, feel – Earth).

It is an open-minded energy seeking knowledge, bringing inspiration and healing to the world. It urges you to reach a new level of understanding and see how you can serve humanity.

That is the purpose of the Aquarius; to impart knowledge onto the world.  Isn’t that beautiful! Inner happiness arrives through contributing to other’s inner happiness.


Take time this week to assist someone else.

Get creative. Think outside the box for the solution that will bring peace to another person. It would be great if the resolution included a part that expanded your awareness on a subject and you either taught or shared it with someone else. In this fashion, you embody a bona fide Aquarius energy.

This “3 Archetypal Energies to Amplify Your True Happiness” article came about through a thought experiment. One morning as I was doing my gratitude journaling, I felt empty. I began to imagine that I lived in a single room with no pets and no material objects except a blanket and pillow for the floor.

At this moment I asked myself:

  • What does happiness mean to me in this scenario?
  • How do I define it if I don’t have hot running water, a bed to sleep on, or the ability to cuddle with my dog?
    (all things I wrote in my journal that I was grateful for)
  • How do I embody happiness without a book to read or journal to reflect?
  • Where does happiness reside or come from when there is nothing there?

I am often thankful for my home and the finances to decorate my inner sanctuary. I usually give thanks for the ability to travel and permanently work for my home office. All of these experiences are fine to be thankful for but what if I didn’t have those? Am I still happy?

It forced me to explore inner happiness at a depth I had quite forgotten about in my luxurious life.

The archetypes are meant to help you go beyond our material world and give us a way to realize a new perspective on happiness. To engage us through more in-depth and complex thought experiments that lead to the expansion of our mind.

As a novice Jungian enthusiast, I called upon my knowledge of archetypal cosmology and astrology to awaken my thoughts in a new direction for this exercise. I hope it expanded your mind as it did mine.

Please share your thoughts and insights from these exercises in the comments!


I am a life coach. I am not a trained social worker, counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. These inspirations come to me in meditation, dreams, my readings of Carl Jung, positive psychology, energy psychology, general psychology, the psychology of happiness, life coaching training, manifestation study, connection to both higher self and inner self, as well as conversations with friends, strangers, and clients.

There is no clinical trials or studies I can point you to prove that the following above information will work for you and your unique situation. In contrast, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I thoroughly believe that if you apply yourself to most methods, you will reach wholeness, happiness, and serenity.

Life is about trial and error. All of my writings and methods are meant to expand your mind into the unknown depths of your psyche so that you can heal and reach your mental utopia to experience the world around you filled with joy.