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An Unforgettable Mindful Journey

From Breath to Mother Earth... From Your Chakra Energy Points to Father Sky... Take this Unforgettable Mindful Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guide 

Feeling Disconnected Lately... Wishing your intuition was more actually attuned to guide you on your path... 

Starting my renewed spiritual practice in 2009, I felt challenged in connecting with my higher self / intuition. In the quest to discover connection, I signed up for a class on Theta Meditation and instantly fell in love with the technique. In the beginning of 2011, I created and perfected a guided meditation that instantly brought me to my spiritual home and connected me to my guides. 

To this day, I practice this meditation whenever I feel disconnected with my intuition, higher self or spirit guides. Over the years, I have taught this meditation to several of my clients who now have a tool that allows them instant connection to their guides. 

At the request of many, I professionally recorded it to give you the gift of connecting to your spirit guide and discovering the answers that are only inside you. May it bless you as much as it has blessed my clients and me. 

Download "Connecting To Your Higher Self: A Theta Meditation" Now for ONLY $7

Here's everything you get...

Spiritual Journey

From Breath Work to Mother Earth healing. From cleansing the Chakra System to rising up to Father Sky. Experience the soothing, meditative journey of visiting your spiritual home.

Divine Connection

When you connect to your personal spirit guide(s), you will awaken a sense of joy, freedom, peace and a deep relationship with your higher self.

Lifetime Access

You download it once and have it forever on whatever device you choose. Use it anytime you feel disconnected to yourself, your purpose or your path. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Theta Meditation?

A theta meditation is a unique technique that allows your brain to reach a theta state of mind. A Theta mind state is a powerful boost to awaken your ability to access your subconscious. 

In this state, you tab into your creative and intuitive senses that allow you to connect to your higher self and communicate with the part of you that can guide you on the right path. 

The more you access this state of mind meditatively, the easier it will be to tab into your intuition in a non-meditative state. 

How does this work?

It's simple. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Next, relax and listen to this soothing guided meditation. 

How do I receive the meditation?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to your personal download. 

What if I have problems downloading the MP3? 

No worries. Technical issues can occur. Stay calm and know we are never far away. Simply send us an email with the challenge and we will make sure you receive your purchase. 

What if I don't connect to my guide?

In my experience as an intuitive life purpose coach, I have found that those who are blocked from connecting to their higher self / spirit guide have ego blocks that stand in their way. 

I recommend reaching out to me by email and requesting the "Inner Connection Coaching Program". Through this program we work through your blocks and I personally guide you in the process to connect to your trusted source / higher self / spirit guide.  

Cori Klein was one such individual to take advantage of this program. I have included her facebook review of our sessions below.

20170212_MoClar by Connie Benedict - Reviews Cori Klein video

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