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Are you a Seeker?

There is a call that comes deep from within. It's a call that searches for true happiness, purpose, freedom, expansion, and excitement. This call sometimes has you make quick decisions without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes, this call works in your...

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Sacred Project Creation Made Easy

Have you ever had an inspired idea for something to do or create, and after a few days (or minutes) of reveling in the excitement… doubts close in. Fears start whispering in your ear. You freeze. We have all been there. A sacred expression arrives and lands in our...

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This is what your transformation will look like…

  • 5 star review  I just got off my call with Connie and it was dead on! She totally saw me for me right from the get go. Definitely have a reading with her- she's gold.

    thumb Lyz Plant

    5 star review  Connie was fantastic. She was right on point, it was amazing. She is so Caring, and helpful.

    thumb Mar Martin
  • 4 star review  I went in with my habitual level of skepticism, so am pleased to be able to say that I enjoyed the time I spent with Connie, and found her reading, the bit of training she gave me in muscle testing, and the tarot card she pulled for me to all be quite congruent and consistent. I'm going to be interested to see how this all plays out over the next couple of years...

    thumb Deborah Huisken

    5 star review  Connie is absolutely amazing. I had an intuitive reading with Connie in which she told me my life purpose. Wow. Just wow. Connie is so tapped in and her ability to channel is just incredible. Everything she told me, I felt resonate deep within my heart. And it made me so excited and just feel like "YES, I can do this. This is what I am meant to do." Having that knowledge has really inspired me to step further into my purpose and being. I decided to continue working with Connie for three more sessions at her suggestion and I am so glad I went for it. In these sessions we really focused on my ego and I was able to form a loving relationship with it by finding out what my ego needs to feel safe. It was so good for me. I showed up for myself and my soul and did the homework every day and what we were able to do together was awesome. By the end of my sessions with Connie, I was actually talking to my SOUL. Pretty freaking amazing. I highly recommend working with Connie. She is such a light and so needed in this world. Her energy is just so good. If you're thinking about working with her, just do it!! She rocks 🙂 Love and light,. Cori

    thumb Cori Klein
  • 5 star review  Connie is an excellent coach and partner. She is highly intuitive, caring and resourceful. I was referred to Connie by another great coach in my network and am truly grateful for her wisdom and intelligence. Connie helped uncover the hidden barriers that blocked my capacity to fully understand (and know) the richness of my life purpose and mission. She is an energizing force who is organized and technology-savvy. I found her methodology and approach to be creative, compelling and informative. Our coaching sessions were inspiring and rich with new learning and ways of seeing. They helped gain incredible insights and new ideas about my own unique value and how to move forward to develop and bring my coaching offer into the world. I would strongly recommend her and am proud to have her in my network of support.

    thumb Amy Krymkowski

    4 star review  Connie channeled a really beautiful message for me that aligns perfectly with the transition I'm in right now. The recording of the call, the addition of a tarot card pull at the end, and her clear passion for this work made the experience a powerful one.

    thumb Gail Jessen
  • 5 star review  I just finished Connie's 30 day Manifesting Challenge, and it was absolutely amazing! Each day there was a focus, with information to learn, questions to help me work through the information, and exercises along the way that helped me to work my Manifestation from many angles. I learned so much during this 30 days, and I now have a much deeper understanding of not only the process of manifestation, but also of many of the stumbling blocks along the way. And I have tools for working through many of those as well! I can't recommend this Challenge enough, it was really fantastic, and I definitely would encourage anyone interested in Manifesting, in working with intentions or affirmations, or working on any kind of goal at all, to give it a try. It is absolutely brilliant!

    thumb Jennifer Bisson

    5 star review  I had an amazing reading with Connie at the beginning of the month. Her intuitive writing was so amazing and I have been still processing through all the information I received from her. She made me feel comfortable and if we had known each other. She not only provided me with the reading but also with a few techniques to help foster my growth. She left me excited for what is to come!

    thumb Dawn Marie
  • 5 star review  Connie was spot on with her intuitive writing. As a reader I always feel it's important to leave the client feeling like they had a great therapy session, which is exactly how Connie left me! She was incredibly warm and encouraging and I cannot wait for our next session!

    thumb Kelsey Anne

    5 star review  Connie, with her incredibly kind spirit, was so easy to work with and created a beautiful space for me to feel safe to open up and speak candidly. This was my very first intuitive reading and it was an amazing experience! I felt heard, supported and LOVED throughout the entire call. Thank you, Connie!! You are a wonderful healer and you have a very bright light that you are shining into the world! I feel lucky to have experienced your light 🙂

    thumb Ashley Smaldino
  • 5 star review  An absolutely amazing experience. I was able to gain more from an hour conversation with Connie than by months of work on my own. Connie has this way of relating to me and being so reassuring that I know it will all work out. She helped me feel confident about myself, something that I haven't felt in a long time. It was truly a shift that took place during our session.

    thumb Meagan Pierson

    5 star review  I had such a beautiful call with Connie... my intention was vague, and she pretty much just went ahead and nailed it! Her intuition was so on point, but what meant the most to me was her authenticity and sincerity... I felt very safe and cared for and seen. I feel like we are kindred spirits and meant to connect at this time. Her messages were very clear and provided the inspiration and insight I needed to move forward. She provided so much information, and genuine help from her own experience and I appreciated her sharing. It helped to clear up a lot of energy for me. A few days after our session, I had some energetic and emotional shifts that provided to be less than pleasant... and now, since allowing that energy to transform, I feel much more freedom and open ness that I hadn't felt before... it was the break through I had been seeking and I attribute it to ground work Connie and I laid down on our call... It was only an hour call but it really allowed for new thoughts and new energy to come through... thank you, Connie!!! xoxo

    thumb Nikki Capezio- Watson


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