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What are Intuitive Readings / Guidance?

Intuitive Readings / Guidance are a great way to gain clarity on questions that you have been asking yourself for some time. Readings allow you to see past your limitations and bring a new perspective that was otherwise hidden from you. They uncover part of an answer that leads you to your path quickly and more accurately.

Intuitive Readings / Guidance is not therapy, psychiatry, or psychology. A consultation engages you and me, the intuitive, in a cooperative effort for your benefit, putting you in touch with the guidance forces that surround you to assist you in finding clarity in almost any situation or circumstance.

4 Main Benefits

  • Gain clarity on questions that you have been asking yourself
  • See past your limitations
  • Bring a new perspective
  • Uncover part of an answer that leads you to your path quickly and more accurately.

Lyz Plant

“I just got off my call with Connie and it was dead on! She totally saw me for me right from the get go. Definitely have a reading with her- she’s gold.”

Gail Jessen

“Connie channeled a really beautiful message for me that aligns perfectly with the transition I’m in right now. The recording of the call, the addition of a tarot card pull at the end, and her clear passion for this work made the experience a powerful one.”

Ashley Smaldino

“Connie, with her incredibly kind spirit, was so easy to work with and created a beautiful space for me to feel safe to open up and speak candidly. This was my very first intuitive reading and it was an amazing experience! I felt heard, supported and LOVED throughout the entire call. Thank you, Connie!! You are a wonderful healer and you have a very bright light that you are shining into the world! I feel lucky to have experienced your light :)”

Meagan Pierson

“An absolutely amazing experience. I was able to gain more from an hour conversation with Connie than by months of work on my own. Connie has this way of relating to me and being so reassuring that I know it will all work out. She helped me feel confident about myself, something that I haven’t felt in a long time. It was truly a shift that took place during our session.”
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MoClar Intuitive Reading / Guidance Method

MoClar Connie Benedict Intuitive Reading Step 01

STEP 1: Intuitive Message

A couple of days before your session, I quiet my mind, connect to your energy and your spirit guides and ask the question you seek an awareness about. I then listen for any sensation; a vision, words, feelings, emotions, pressure on the body, a story, etc. I use automatic writing for the message delivery. At all times my eyes are closed as I write to remove any blocks of visually seeing the message and processing it with my own cortex, hence involving my ego.  Each message is delivered completely within a meditative state. I found this method to be the most honest, authentic and pure delivery system for my clients.

All sessions begin with me sharing this message as it was delivered to me during that meditative state.

STEP 2: Intuitive Coaching

Once your message is delivered to you during our session, we delve deeper into its meaning. How it affects you, emotionally, spiritually, and/or physically? What insights are awakened within you?

During this portion of your session, you have a chance to ask questions and receive an even deeper clarity about the initial question that has been on your mind. I use my years of coaching to draw out the limitations and the healing so that you receive a profound energetic shift.

MoClar Connie Benedict Intuitive Reading Step 02
MoClar Connie Benedict Intuitive Reading Step 03

STEP 3: Confirmation

At the end, with your permission, I pull a Tarot card from my favorite deck. This is done at the end to confirm the experience and add insight into another perspective that allows an even deeper clarity to form. From here we speak together a gratitude prayer and close our connection.

This whole experience can be very profound, enlightening and illuminating. I usually suggest that you take a day to absorb. Drink LOTS of water. Then take action on what you heard.

Are You Ready To Receive Answers

If you feel so lead, I would be honored to do an intuitive reading for you. Blessings.

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