Do you believe?

What do I want you to feel by the end of reading this blog post? I want you to believe!!! Let’s begin…

It was August 19, 2009…

I had been hearing about this book that was changing people’s lives. I had just left a relationship that broke my heart into tiny little pieces. I felt depressed, unworthy, tired, and unmotivated. Honestly, I felt despair.

My sister and I made a pact to read this “book” and see if it lived up to its promises. At the time we were living in beautiful San Diego, CA. I moved there after the breakup. My sister followed me out.

That summer we would go to Balboa park and take turns reading this “book” out loud and discussing its principles, concepts, and theories on how to improve our lives.

There were parts of it that made a lot of sense. Other parts just seemed plain wrong. But here is the one thing it taught me… I create my reality.

Let me say that again: I CREATE MY REALITY.

You Create Your Reality

It was the start an idea that before that time never crossed my mind. I create my reality?!?

I attempted to challenge this idea.

  • I didn’t create breaking up with my ex… oh, wait… I did. I did break up with him.
  • I didn’t create the struggle I felt every day. Oh, wait… I might have.
  • Okay, I didn’t create getting laid off 3 times. No way. You will not convince of this. But wait… I chose those companies and I could have chosen others. So, I guess I did.

This is the thought pattern that would haunt me for months. I created not only the good but the bad, the happy and the sad, the love and the loneliness. I created it all. Me. I did that.

I Had 2 Choices

Now, at this part of the story, it could go one of two ways. 

CHOICE 1: I could tell you that I was saddened by this news. That all that was judged badly in my life was my fault. I could tell you that I became a victim of those thoughts. And as a result, become homeless and drug addicted to escape my reality. Although, it wouldn’t be true.

CHOICE 2: I went the other way. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I felt empowered. If I created those things, then I could create a different life. I could rewrite my story.

And so began a year long journey of rewriting my story and here is where we find out if “Unlimited Thinking” actually exists.

The Magic Begins…

Within this year, magic would happen. I would believe that I had my dream job and weeks later it arrived. I believed that exactly when I needed the right place to show up, it would and it did. I found the best 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1700 sq foot townhome where my two dogs could run and my two cats could hide. I could live my dream life, rewrite my history and create an experience like no other. And I did.

Instead of the struggle of so many years, I now only saw opportunity and growth.

How did I get there?

Well, my friends, that is what this is all about. I used Unlimited Thinking combined with Creative, Inspired and Purposeful Action (CIP ACTION).

SIDE NOTE: Hint, hint, this is important here. Can you guess one of the key words? If you guessed, action, you’re right. Now, the type of action is important as well. I will continue that idea in a later post. Back to the story.

The Crucial Before Step

There is a crucial step before action. This step happens in the beginning stages of Unlimited Thinking. It is called belief.

Belief that…

  1. Everything that happened to me before was all meant to be
  2. Where I am now is exactly where I am supposed to be
  3. Where I want to go from here is up to me

There are no right or wrong answers. All paths lead where you decide they will go.

Cliches, I know. But sometimes cliches are there for a deeper reason and I found that deeper reason within me.

Does Unlimited Thinking Really Exist?

YES! And I am living proof of it’s every day, infinite existence. Let me give you an example that isn’t me, so you don’t just think I am an anomaly.

One of my favorite all time stories is Jim Carrey, the actor. He spoke to Oprah, years ago, about how he used the principles of unlimited thinking to call in his dream life.

At the time in 1987, he didn’t have anything. He was working the comedy clubs and who knows what else. After work, he would drive up Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills and visualize directors offering him parts. At one time in the early 1990s, he wrote himself a check for $10 million for acting services rendered. Three years after writing that check he received $10 million for acting services rendered.

He thought BIG and limitlessly; the unlimited thinking principle called Expansion. He created and believed (key point) that all that he wanted already existed. Every action he took was toward the dream that he knew was his. He just waited for time to catch up to his reality. And it did.

Unlimited Thinking Principles

I did the same thing. I worked with the unlimited thinking principles to manifest

  1. My “home sweet home” in San Diego;
  2. My dream career doing what I really loved at the time;
  3. Freedom from the 9 to 5 and;
  4. Living life on my terms.

By utilizing the principles of Unlimiting Thinking, I have created all those experiences. (see handout below)

This is the essence of Unlimited Thinking. To be boundless, limitless and infinite in the possibilities of life. Almost equated to miracles, yet it is a reliable system as long as you know the principles and you practice and take action. Not just any action, CIP ACTION. There is a difference.

Your Exercise for Today

I leave with an exercise. I want you to look up miracles. Read stories of things that seemly seemed impossible but were more about infinite possibilities. The more you read, the more you believe, the more you create your own life.

Here is the Jim Carrey video to get you started:


Paulina Cassidy

“By blending unlimited imagination with sheer logic, you’ll be in the driver’s seat in making your dreams come true.”


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