Last week I introduced to the 8 Principles. I wrote about the 1st principle, Belief and more accurately, the belief that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.

This week I want to dive into all the principles. I created a video about them. I did it in 1 take on a Sunday afternoon. Excuse the rawness of it. And the misspelled word. Points if you find it! ūüėȬ†

The video is 16 minutes. There are a lot of insights that came out during this raw video, therefore, make some time to watch this and discover the nuggets of knowledge for yourself! It doesn’t have captions. I know that is the new big thing, I’m just not there yet. Thanks for your patience. ūüôā¬†


It’s important that you understand that these principles came to me in different journeys of my life. I didn’t activate them all at once.

It was 2009 when I discovered the first one. I CREATE MY REALITY. All it asked for was that I believed in it. That I believed that I created my reality.

It took some convincing. Yet, after a few books and trying it out, I agreed.


Now, you may ask, What do you mean “trying it out.” Well, I tested the first principle.

When you are performing an experiment, you need a way to test it.  That is how Principle 2 and 3 arrived to me.

If I do create my reality, then I wanted to create my dream. But…

  • What is my dream?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • Who do I really, truly, authentically want to be?

In 2009, this was yet to be discovered. I realized that, up until then, I had followed a path that others suggested to me. I made some detours that were all me but I didn’t have a clear vision and honestly¬†won’t for another 3 years.¬†

I knew who I thought I was but who I thought I was was changing.

Do you know that feeling? As you go through the decades of your life, I bet you can feel you are not the same as you were even a few short years ago.

So, I needed clarity. Clarity took about two years to be delivered. YES, you read that right, 2 years!

Patience was a required virtue in my story. 


My first test on creating my reality was going to Bali. I watched Eat Pray Love and said, I MUST GO TO BALI! Yet, I didn’t have the money. So I manifested it.

>>> You can read about this story here… GO PAST THE YELLOW BAR! <<<

Clarity is so important to this process that in 2013 I named my company after it, MoClar. MoClar stands for Moment of Clarity. Mo = moment; Clar = Clarity.

Up until Bali, I used vague ideas and just kind of floated on whims. Clarity (principle 2) changed my life in more ways than one. Not only was I beginning to believe I created my reality, I was able to clearly see my path. 


Now, I want you to stop reading for 1 minute. Ask yourself this question‚Ķ “Where am I going?

What say you? Yes or No?!?


  • If you answered YES…¬†Congrats! I am so proud that you are clear on where you are going and who you want to be. If I can support you in any way, please reach out to me here. ūüôā¬†


Once I was crystal clear, I set a goal. But this wasn’t like any ordinary goal; not the goal setting that I was taught in high school or college. You see goals are these aspirations to attain at a future time. When you set a goal, you sit down and plan out how to make the goal a reality.

Yet, by this point, I was reading a lot about intentions. Intention setting is…

  • Deliberate;
  • It comes from your core of your being;
  • There is a reason, sometimes beyond explanation for it;
  • It has passion and bravery behind it;
  • It should be uncomfortable;
  • It should almost feel like an impossibility in the moment that you set it;
  • It should be energetic shifting;
  • It should be felt in the present.

And the beauty is you don’t need to know how you are going to get that intention. Instead, you follow signs from the universe to lead you to your intention.

You do need to know that you can and will manifest it. THAT IS KEY! Principle 1: BELIEF!

I didn’t know how I was getting to Bali. But I was getting there. Period. My Intention: I feel the energy of Bali within me.¬†


In 2011, I started meditating daily. At first, it was for curiosity. Yet, the more I practiced the more I witnessed a profound change within me. I was becoming more open, calmer, happier, and relaxed.

I started with the basic breathing meditation but soon used it to connect to my guides and be more mindful in my life.

For a few years, meditation was simply a way to clear my mind and explore my thoughts. It was also a way for me to let go of the reactive state of my being; anger, depression, and disappointment.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I would begin to use meditation as a practice for creation.


I began studying brainwaves. Beta is the active brainwave. When you are up and moving around, you are in beta most of the time. Mindvalley calls it the waking consciousness and reasoning wave because Beta waves are associated with conscious focus and memory as well as a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning.

Alpha waves are the first waves that you experience as you go deep into a meditative state. Christopher Bergland writes about how increasing alpha brain waves can stimulate creativity. (1)

So, I started to use meditation as a way to access these frequencies and prepare my mind for the highest level of creativity, wonder and relaxation.

Meditation became my exclusive method to connect to my creative flow centers. It was as if it was a passageway or a tunnel to the other side. Not just for relaxation anymore, not just to be mindful, it was was about creation and connection.

(1) From <>


When I knew I was relaxed, I knew I had reached that state of an alpha frequency. The more you practice meditation, the more you connect to how the different states feel.

Reaching alpha is when I allowed my mind to wonder. I used a trigger to let it know it was time. I would create a scene of color. Bright, vivid color. Here is an example:

Take a deep breath, right now in this moment. Imagine…

Being outside with the sun shining down, a turquoise body of water in front of you, vivid green trees and freshly mowed grass surrounding you. See yourself smiling, laughing and peacefully co-existing in this place of beauty, wonder, and joy.

Now close your eyes and vividly recreate what you just read in your mind’s eye.¬†

How does it feel?

This was my one of my magic places. I knew when I arrived here and could feel it, both the salty air and warmth on my skin, I was accessing Principle 5! I was opening my thoughts to welcome in vivid imagination.


From that paradise access point, I would take a boat or a plane or walk up a mountain to a home, whatever it was to allow myself to get into the journey of what I wanted to create.

Yes, I am still in a deep meditative state but I left the quiet mind behind. I am now venturing or journeying for clues. I am seeing my life as I want it.

My visualizations would range depending on my intention.  Sometimes, I would visualize me as a reporter interviewing my alternative self asking questions like:

  • How I arrived where I was?
  • How did it feel?
  • What were the mistakes along the way and how did I overcome them?
  • What would I do differently?
  • Were there any tips for someone ready to do the same thing?

This technique is quite cool. It opens up a pathway, allowing insights to penetrate your conscious mind and awakens a confidence that you will achieve what you desire. 

The key is to always picture yourself as if your intention has already come to past or, even stronger yet, that you are experiencing your intention in the now!!! 


When inspired insights arrived to me, I would ask my imagination to go bigger. (PRINCIPLE 6: I expand my potential.)

I asked…

  • Is what I am picturing right now the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME for me?
  • Could I expand this image?
  • Can I go bigger?
  • What does bigger look like?

I would perform this exercise until I couldn’t imagine anything bigger.¬†

At times, if we can picture the highest potential of ourselves, the lower goals we have set forth seem to be so much more attainable.


Now, at this point in this long story, you might be asking where does Principle 8 fit in; Intuition?


That is why I created the document, in the way I did. In my story, Unlimited Thinking came upon me in the steps I outline in the numbers.

Yet, it may come to you differently and I want you to find your own way. My intention here is to simply make you aware of these steps. You may develop some of your own. And you should!

Let Unlimited Thinking flow into your life with ease, wonder, and enjoyment.  

But in case you want to go deeper in how to use intuition in creating limitless possibilities in your life, think of it as your Gut Feeling Guidance System. Your own GPS in your body. If something feels right, DO IT! If it doesn’t, then pull back.

However, I caution you on 1 thing. Know the difference between excited fear and fear that something is just not right. Usually, we all have fear when you step out of our comfort zone. That’s fine!

How to tell the difference?

Honestly, I use my CIP Action Plan to tell the difference. If you are interested in learning this unique way to understanding when a decision is out of your comfort zone or something that is not in your best interest (and this can be hard to distinguish, I know), then order your CLARITY NOW private coaching session. It is a no-commitment way to learn 1 concept at a time.


I realized that within each principle there are helpful affirmations that allow you to really embody these ideals into your everyday life.

Use them as you see fit.

  1. Principle 1: I create my reality. Belief
  2. Principle 2: I clearly see my path. Clarity
  3. Principle 3: I call my path by name. Intention
  4. Principle 4: I connect to my creative flow. Meditation
  5. Principle 5: I open my thoughts to welcome vivid imagination. Imagination
  6. Principle 6: I play and design my world with infinite possibilities. Visualization
    Bonus affirmation for principle 6: What I ask for is already here.
  7. Principle 7: I expand my potential. Expansion
  8. Principle 8: I intuitively feel into each decision. Intuition  


  1. To Learn about the Principles of Unlimited Thinking, DOWNLOAD this quick reference guide.
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  3. Here is a great book to read about how to Profit From Unlimited Thinking.
  4. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INTENTION VS. GOALS – I love this article by Yogi Surprise and wanted to share.
  5. Here is a great book on increasing your intuitive awareness he Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness.